Wellness and Reablement


What is Wellness and Reablement?

Wellness is a philosophy that focuses on the strengths, abilities, and goals of individuals to encourage actions to promote a level of independence in activities of everyday living. Wellness informs a way of working with individuals receiving support from aged and community care organisations.

Like Wellness, Reablement aims to assist people to maximise their independence and autonomy through time-limited interventions that are targeted at a person's specific goal to adapt to a functional loss or regain confidence and capacity to resume daily activities without the need for continued support.

Wellness and Reablement has many benefits for clients, staff, and organisations.

The embedding of wellness and reablement approaches to service delivery requires a systematic approach from organisations, including such areas as governance, workforce, to policy and procedures. A range of resources exist to support CHSP organisations to embed wellness and reablement approaches within their service delivery.




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Wellness and Reablement Resources

Collection of practical guides and tools for Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) providers to support embedding wellness and reablement approaches into service delivery

Ageing Well Resources for Home Care Providers - Keep Able

Live Up Website

How to age well - tips, resources, videos to support clients to age well.

Reablement in Practice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The resource allows users to dip in and out of frequently asked questions relating to the 5 stages of an episode of reablement.

Putting Person Centred Care into Practice

Summary of person-centred care practice and tools to support service providers to have conversations to understand each client's story. Provides practical strategies and techniques to apply new skills and embed practice change.

Inclusive Service Specific Assessment and Care Planning

A series of guides to support CHSP service providers reflect on their assessment and planning processes and consider ways to reduce duplication and deliver a more streamlined and person-centred approach.

Easy Living Equipment Guide

Keeping Active Toolkit

Simple equipment guide to help older people with:
- Domestic activities and household cleaning
- Kitchen activities and meal preparation
- Bathroom and personal care
- Gardening

The Keeping Active at Home Toolkit encourages and supports older people to remain as active at home as they can.

Supporting Volunteers to Take an Inclusive Wellness Approach

The resources in the kit are designed to assist service providers integrate an inclusive, wellness approach in their processes for volunteer recruitment, induction and orientation, training and on-going engagement with volunteers.