Wellness and Reablement


Wellness and Reablement Consultants support CHSP organisations to implement the wellness and reablement approach.

More specifically the role:
  • is the key communication point for wellness and reablement developments and information;
  • assists organisations to gain a consistent understanding of the wellness and reablement policy development work that the Commonwealth is currently undertaking; and
  • provides practical operational support on wellness and reablement as a broad sustainable change management and quality improvement strategy, including planning.




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Reablement in Practice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Victorian Wellness and Reablement Consultants (May 2022)
Available for download:

ReablementInPractice -Final

Inclusive Service Specific Assessment and Care Planning

By Kate Pascale & Associates
Two resources are available from the EMR Alliance, available at:

https://www.emralliance.org/inclusive-service-specific-assessment-and-care-planning.html - THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK

Reducing duplication in Service Specific Assessments - CHSP Service Providers (by Kate Pascale and Associates):


Embedding a strengths based approach in client conversations (by Kate Pascale and Associates):


CONNECTING through inclusive communication practices

EMR Alliance (2017)
A variety of resources are available to download from the EMR Alliance Site:

https://www.emralliance.org/connecting-through-inclusive-communication-practices.html - THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK

The Support Loop

Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership (2016)

Goal Directed Care Planning Toolkit: Practical strategies to support effective goal setting and care planning with HACC clients

Kate Pascale and Associates (2017)

Co-producing Aged Care Services with a Wellness Focus

Community West

Planned Activity Groups - Make it meaningful: asessment and care planning guidlines and tools

Kate Pascale and Associates (2017)